[SADOL] Limited Eyes Princess 1

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Sadol Limited Princess Eyes 1

10mm is a size that fits COCOPET.
It expresses beauty and relaxation on the theme of flowers.
(Karr is not compatible.)

――  ***  ―


- Minimize solid lines
- The three-dimensional effect due to the planetaryization of the pupils
- Minimize yellowing with natural dyes
- Add natural pearls to white to maximize glitter (not bubbles)
- The actual eyeball is smaller than the size of the eye taken, so the color may be lighter.

――  ***  ―

Preparation Period :  40 Business days 

*If you order props and dolls together, they will be sent according to the side that takes more time,

so please refer to them when ordering.


* Sadol eyes have been made by hands.
* Eyes color may differ from the photo image depending on individual monitor color.
* Exchanges are not possible due to color claims after purchase, only refunds are possible.

   - Shipping costs for refunds are the responsibility of the customer.

* Bubble of eye Which is being the side of eye, so cannot see when eyes are inserted, is consider as non-faulty.
* Due to the nature of the jeweled eye, the position of both pupils may be different.

   Deviations within 0.5mm are normal products.

* Due to the urethane finish, the bottom of the eyeball may not be smooth, and there may be gate  marks.
* The eyes coating is made with the entire urethane coating. Re-coating A/S is not allowed.
* Due to the nature of resin products, depending on the storage conditions, yellowing and torsion may occur quickly.

   - Block light and moisture when storing for a long time

* Three inspections are made before delivery.

   - The delivered product is delivered on the premise that there are  no cracks, fine scratch, or defective coating in general.

   - There are no exchanges due to cracks, fine scratch, or poor coating, only refunds are possible.

   - Shipping costs for refunds are the responsibility of the customer.

* Used eyes cannot be exchanged or refunded.
* Please purchase carefully.

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